Coping with Sports Injuries

Physical sports injuries can have serious emotional and psychological effects. Tending to the psychological rehabilitation of sports injuries is essential. When integrated into the sports injury rehabilitation process, sports psychology can help you come back to exercise mentally stronger and assured in your abilities.

Furthermore, sports psychology can help those who have suffered career-threatening and career-ending injuries cope with the aftermath of these events.

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How Sports Psychology Can Support Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Our job often leads us to work with athletes who have been injured or are currently on the road to recovery from a sports injury. In these cases, the role of sports psychologists is to help facilitate the athlete’s recovery mentally. This could involve any of the following:

  • Rebuilding the performer’s confidence
  • Helping athletes mentally process the injury
  • Overcome anxiety and frustration
  • Overcoming the setback to their personal and team targets
  • Restore confidence and focus in their physical and mental abilities
  • Addressing hesitation, rational, and irrational fears of injury (or re-injury)
  • Processing and overcoming career-ending injuries
  • Reinforcing positive coping techniques

In addressing these areas, a sports psychologist can help you come back to action ready to deliver your best performance. Get in touch today to learn more and book a discovery session to understand how Leading Edge Performance can help you.

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