Psychology isn’t just ink blots and dreams

Performance psychology has, over the past 20 years, become an influential practice within the sporting world. The discipline is now a pivotal part of professional sports, playing an active role in the success of teams and athletes. Whether it is through psychological skills coaching, ‘on-the-pitch’ support, or 1-to-1 support, performance psychology is now part of the everyday routine of many athletes.

Working With a Sports Psychologist

Performance Psychology Services Leading Edge Performance

Initial Assessment

Utilising a range of methods, we find out more about you and how I can help

Performance Psychology Services Leading Edge Performance

Tailored Plan

We formulate a unique plan to establish how we move forward to achieve your goals

Performance Psychology Services Leading Edge Performance


We constantly evaluate our sessions and adapt to ensure that our plan meets your needs

Performance Psychology Services Leading Edge Performance


Through evaluation and reflection, we assess the effectiveness of the course and how you have improved

Methods of Delivery

1-to-1 Consultations

One-to-one consultations are the most common method of delivery for sports performance coaching. These sessions can be conducted both face to face and online.

Group Sessions

These sessions are focused on helping a client as well as their support groups, such as family and friends. Teams may also prefer this method.


Workshops in specialized areas of performance are usually delivered to groups of athletes and coaches, but can also involve the parents and families of athletes, professional organizations, and sport governing bodies.

Team Clinics

Teams can choose to offer a regular clinic weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. During these regular sessions, athletes can choose to drop in or schedule consultations. Team clinics are generally organised within the training grounds or club facilities, but can also be delivered in alternative locations, as is convenient to the client.

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to seek the services of a sports psychologist.

The psychological principles, research, and performance-based endeavours used in our performance consultancy sessions can be applied to your goals regardless of age and ability. Whether you are looking to improve your sports performance, seeking psychological rehabilitation from a sports injury, looking to hone in your focus, or to better your team-leading skills, working with a sports psychologist can provide you with the mental skills you need to reach new levels of performance.

If you find yourself regularly unable to reach your maximum level of ability, then working with a sport psychologist may be just the thing for you. 

The principles of sports psychology can apply to a number of struggles that athletes and non-athletes face in reaching their true potential. This could be athletes struggling with performance anxiety, coaches wanting to improve their team dynamic, or even team leaders wanting to improve their communication skills.

Additionally, many issues faced within the world of sports performance translate into the world of business. As such, my services also extend to helping business leaders develop their management and team-building skills while improving their relationships with pressure and confidence.

Typically, sessions last approximately 50 minutes. To begin seeing results, regular sessions are carried out over a period of weeks. A bespoke plan will be tailored for you after our initial consultation, so the exact number of sessions and method of delivery will be determined by your needs and availability.

Leading Edge Performance offers a wide range of mental performance programmes to individuals, coaches, teams, and organisations, all underpinned by the latest and most credible scientific evidence available. 

These services cover areas such as performance and motivation, performance anxiety, and overcoming injury. Sessions can be provided in-person or online, through video conferencing software like Zoom or Skype.