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Developing a healthy mindset can do wonders for your performance. Our Performance consulting service for athletes works to break through the mental barriers that are keeping you from reaching your true potential and provides the mental skills necessary for long-lasting success. 

This personal performance consultancy service is ideal for both elite and amateur athletes, with no limits on age or ability. Using the principles of sports psychology and the latest and most credible scientific evidence available, we’ll design a strategy to address your particular needs, giving you the mindset and mental skills needed to meet the demands of both your sport and personal life.

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What Are the Benefits of Sports Performance Psychology for Athletes?

Mental training can help you overcome the obstacles that are hindering your performance by proactively improving your mental, behavioural, and emotional skills, which in turn will:

  • Improve your confidence in sports
  • Improve your focus and resilience during training and competition
  • Help you develop coping skills to deal with the difficulties faced both within and outside the sporting environment
  • Overcome mental blocks and barriers hindering your performance, such as performance anxiety, lack of confidence, or negative self-talk
  • Provide awareness of your strengths and the areas in need of improvement
  • Help you navigate the distractions that arise before, during, and after competition

Working with a sports performance consultant can help you develop the perspective and mental skills needed to trust your physical abilities, overcome anxiety, learn and recover from mistakes, stay calm and composed during competition, and perform mindfully and intentionally.

Why not get in touch today for an initial consultation to learn more about how sports psychology can help you reach your true potential as an athlete.

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What Happens During a Sports Psychology Session?

No two athletes are the same. As such, we will create a bespoke plan informed by you, that will guide our sessions to help us best meet your needs.

A session typically lasts around 50 minutes, and a number of sessions might be needed over the course of several weeks to achieve lasting change in your mental approach to sport, and fully reap the benefits of sports psychology.

What Mental Skills Will You Develop?

That depends on what you want to improve! We have worked with athletes on the following areas:

  • Confidence, to trust your skills when you need them the most
  • Motivation and commitment, to stick with it when the going gets tough
  • Satisfaction with results, whether you want to win trophies or just try your best
  • Coping with nervousness, before, during, and after performance, so it doesn’t ruin your big moment

About Tom Short

Tom Short is the lead Sport and Exercise Mental Performance Coach at Leading Edge Performance. By breaking down complex psychological theories which underpin sport and performance into simple-to-use techniques, Tom helps athletes, teams, parents, and coaches understand and put into practice the science behind performance.

Alongside his work as a performance coach, Tom is currently undertaking a PhD in Performance and Management Psychology Within Sport at Loughborough University, which further informs and enhances his professional practice.

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