Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Find yourself crumbling in the face of pressure? Amazing in training but missing when performing?

Nerves and strong emotions are all too common in sports, whether you are a professional athlete playing at competitive levels, or playing sports as a hobby. When kept under control, these feelings can help us gear up for competition and push our limits to achieve our best.

However, when performance anxiety becomes overwhelming, it can hinder both physical and mental performance, impact motivation, and decrease the levels of satisfaction that you get from performing your favourite sport. Sports psychology can help athletes identify the root of these hindering feelings, control them, and overcome them.

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Competitive State Anxiety

Anxiety can be enhanced during competition due to a number of factors, including the presence of an audience, the uncertainty of competitive settings, and even the expectation the athlete puts on themselves.

Competitive state anxiety is a temporary feeling triggered by the stressors of competition, placed on athletes by themselves and others, which can have a negative impact on mental and physical performance during competition.

Working with Leading Edge Performance

Feelings of anxiety can interfere with sports performance, which is why it is important to control them. Working with a sports psychologist can help challenge unhelpful thoughts, overcome sports performance anxiety, and rediscover your ‘A game’ in everything you do.

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